Table 3
Survey questions about clinical codingResponsesNoPer cent
What is your involvement in clinical coding?888 
I had never heard of it50.6
I thought it of no direct relevance to me293.3
I think it is important but it doesn't involve me31635.6
I am occasionally involved34438.7
I am regularly involved19421.8
Do you have any involvement with clinical coding staff in your Trust?890 
1 or 2 meetings in total17820.0
Occasional meetings25829.0
Monthly meetings303.4
Weekly meetings (eg, regular ward rounds)252.8
Would you be prepared to code top 50 diagnoses in outpatients?880 
Maybe, Yes32737.2
Certainly Yes48154.7
Do you use structured records?878 
Yes—Conforms to AOMRC standards263.0
  • AOMRC, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.