TableĀ 4

Comparing roles of the ABCD2 score by GPs and by hospital staff

Primary care staff (nine GPs and one A&E triage nurse)Specialist doctors, nurses and administratorHospital support staff (technicians and staff nurse)
Never use the score40% (n=4)100% (n=3)
Do use the score60% (n=6)100% (n=5)
Might generate medicolegal threatX
Demonstrates need for urgency to patientX
Educates the patientX
Diagnostic toolX
Prognostic toolXX
Demonstrates need for urgency to the GPXX
Facilitates smoother patient pathwayXX
Educates/reminds the GP what to doXX
Distils a complex historyXX
Obscures a complex historyX
Misleading GPs about diagnosisX
Prevents inappropriate referralsX
Barrier to appropriate careX
  • Note: X indicates this theme was raised by at least one of the participants of the subgroup.

  • GP, general practitioner; TIA,transient ischaemic attack.