TableĀ 2

Two-way analysis of variance: Life event stress, COPD and mental and physical variables

Main effects of COPD (df=1)Main effects of stress (df=1)Interaction (df=1)
Fp ValueFp ValueFp Value
Postbronchodilator FEV117.458<0.0010.3230.5702.0570.152
CFQ score5.4240.0201.9270.1662.5140.114
MMSE score1.7990.1811.1590.2820.3800.538
GDS depression score2.3530.12664.500<0.00110.9700.001
SF-36 PCS0.4320.5127.0540.0084.0550.045
SF-36 MCS0.6590.41714.710<0.0014.5380.034
  • Adjusted variables: sex, age, ethnicity, smoking status and number of chronic illness.

  • CFQ, Cognitive Failure Questionnaire; FEV1, Forced Expiratory Volume in the first second; GDS, the Geriatric Depression Scale; MCS, Mental Health Component Summary; MMSE, mini-mental state examination; PCS, Physical Health Component Summary; SF-36, 36-Item Short-Form Healthy Survey.