TableĀ 2
Survey questions about HESNoPer cent
What did you think of HES before reading the paper?948
I had never heard of it16217.1
I thought it of no relevance to me10611.2
Might be useful47650.2
I found it useful in my work14515.3
It was of the utmost importance to me596.2
Have you ever attempted to review HES data attributed to your care of patients?952
Yes, but unsuccessfully17918.8
Yes, succesfully as a one off576.0
Yes, successfully on an occasional basis15316.1
Yes, succesfully on a regular basis323.4
*If you were able to access the data, who provided it?249
Your Trust Information Service19578.3
Regional, eg, Quality observatories2710.8
Royal College of Physicians31.2
NHS-IC HES team or Extraction Services (Northgate)93.6
External provider, eg, Dr Foster/CHKS10743.0
Would you like to be able to view the HES data attributed to your care of patients?942
Maybe, Yes34036.1
Certainly Yes55258.6
Which of the following would you like to use HES data to support?*939
Evidence for annual appraisal80385.5
Evidence for revalidation76080.9
Application for Clinical Excellence Awards50954.2
To monitor quality of patient care81987.2
To monitor patient outcomes81186.4
To benchmark local services with others72777.4
To select patient for research studies23725.2
  • *More than once answer may be selected by participants.

  • HES, hospital episode statistics.