Table 4

Prevalence and scale of cocaine use in Oslo as determined by combined population surveys and measurements of a cocaine metabolite in sewage

MethodAnnual Prevalence % (CI)*Cocaine Consumption (Pure)
Per-user g/year (CI)Total population kg/year (CI)
Combined Population Survey (CPS)2.9 (2.6–3.2)9.8 (5.6–14.1)117 (70–165)
Sewage Analysis
 Prevalence from CPS2.9 (2.6–3.2)6.4 (4.6–8.5)76 (60–91)
 Per-user consumption from CPS1.9 (1.0–4.0)9.8 (5.6–14.1)76 (60–91)
  • Direct measurements or estimates in bold. Derived estimates in italics.

  • *Population 15–64 years of age, 410 000 (source Statistics Norway).