Table 1

Non-response analyses, including all nurses’ aides in the county of Aarhus 1993 with more than 1 year of nursing aides work during the last 5 years, n=6231

Register data DREAMQuestionnaire respondents 1993 n=4616Questionnaire non-respondents 1993 n=1615
Age 1.7.1993 mean (SD)42.7 (9.4)44.3 (11.0)
Years working as nurses’ aides 1 July 1993 mean (SD)10.9 (7.1)11.2 (7.4)
Gender woman (%)98.197.1
Ethnicity other than Danish (%)2.33.4
Dead in the follow-up period (%)2.53.0
Granted disability pension in the follow-up period (%)16.214.8
Voluntary early retirement in the follow-up period (%)18.219.3
  • DREAM, Danish National Register on Public Transfer Payments.