Table 3

Comparison of agreement with statements about general diagnostic criteria for FAS between paediatricians and other health professionals

Round 1% agreement (IQD)Round 2% agreement (IQD)
StatementnPaediatricianOtherp Value*nPaediatricianOtherp Value*
1. A diagnosis of FAS should only be made in the presence of all four of the following: confirmed or unknown prenatal alcohol exposure, all three characteristic FAS facial anomalies, growth deficit and CNS abnormality†6356.3 (2)67.7 (3)0.355384.0 (1)78.6 (1)0.73
2. A confirmed absence of prenatal alcohol exposure (in the presence of all other required FAS findings) should rule out a diagnosis of FAS and be recorded under a different diagnostic category6969.7 (2)72.2 (2)0.82
  • *χ test for independence by occupation (paediatrician vs other occupation).

  • †Statement wording used in round 2. Round 1 statement list included ‘characteristic FAS facial anomalies, growth deficit, CNS abnormalities and confirmed or unknown prenatal alcohol exposure.'

  • Statements that reached 70% agreement (‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree') for the total sample are presented in italic.

  • CNS, central nervous system; FAS, fetal alcohol syndrome; IQD, interquartile deviation