Table 1

Summary of data collected during phase 2

QuestionnairesDemographic details
Medical history
Antihypertensive and other relevant medication
Smoking status and alcohol consumption
Place of birth
Years residence in UK
Spoken languages (first and any others)
Marital status and highest educational qualification
Beliefs about medicines questionnaire—as per that used by Home et al32
Blood pressure monitoring acceptability questionnaire (for each of the three types of monitoring)—as per that used by Little et al33
Blood pressure monitoring preference questionnaire
Physical measurementsHeight
Waist circumference
Blood pressure measurementsClinic blood pressure using BP-Tru Sphygmomanometer measured on three occasions with bilateral simultaneous measurement on the first occasion
Ambulatory blood pressure measurement over 24 h with half hourly measurement 8:00—23:00 and hourly measurement 23:00–8:00
Home blood pressure measurement, two readings twice daily for 7 days, that is, 28 readings total