Table 7

Comparison of the proportion of patients who remained undecided between the intervention and control group immediately after intervention

InterventionControlOR95% CI
Undecided (preconsultation)2314
Undecided (postconsultation)8*9*
Odds in favour of changing: undecided (pre) to decided (post)/decided (pre) to undecided (post)18/3†11/6†3.270.69 to 16.3 (p=0.15)
  • *This figure of eight patients includes five who remained ‘undecided’ postconsultation and includes three patients who moved from ‘decided’ preconsultation to ‘undecided’ postconsultation. Similarly for the nine ‘undecided’ postconsultation patients in the control group, three remained ‘undecided’ and six had moved from ‘decided’ to ‘undecided’.

  • †This ratio means that a total of 18 patients changed from ‘undecided’ to ‘decided’ in the intervention group and that 3 moved in the opposite direction (ie, a net total of 15 patients (18–3) had ‘decided’ postconsultation). In the control group the corresponding numbers were 11 and 6 (ie, a net total of 5 patients (11–6) had ‘decided’ postconsultation).