Table 2A

Statistical model parameter estimates

Linear multilevel regression model to estimate change from baseline HbA1c (%)
VariableCategoryEffect on CfB HbA1c %95% CICategory p valueVariable p value
Baseline HbA1c−0.53(−0.55 to −0.51)<0.001<0.001
Age−0.01(−0.02 to −0.01)<0.001<0.001
Serum cholesterol0.10(0.07 to 0.13)<0.001<0.001
BMI0.00(−0.01 to 0.01)0.7470.747
Year (2008=Ref)20090.11(0.07 to 0.15)<0.001<0.001
Sex (female=Ref)Male0.15(0.08 to 0.22)<0.001<0.001
Ethnicity (white=Ref)South Asian0.14(0.04 to 0.24)0.005<0.001
black−0.02(−0.14 to 0.09)0.705
Townsend (least=Ref)Medium0.07(−0.03 to 0.16)0.1580.3013
High0.08(−0.03 to 0.19)0.161
Treatment (Metformin Only=Ref)Combined Oral0.54(0.40 to 0.68)<0.001<0.001
Insulin0.98(0.83 to 1.13)<0.001
Metformin to Combined Oral0.36(0.19 to 0.54)<0.001
Any to Insulin1.11(0.92 to 1.30)<0.001
Diabetes duration (0–2 years=Ref)>2 years0.30(0.21 to 0.40)<0.001<0.001