Table 1

Baseline data

Intervention patientsControl patients
Number of practices10
Number of patients124*364
Recruitment date14/04/11 to 07/11/11
Average age at baseline59 years60 years
Age range25–86 years36–87 years
Number of females49/124=40%146/361=40%
eGFR 1 year ago7176
Most recent eGFR7779
On hypertension register and attended for review in last 12 months95/109=87%305/348=88%
On CKD register and attended for review in last 12 months17/22=77%54/59=92%
Reason for inclusion:
CKD stage 3 or 4 with BP>130/85 mm Hg23 (18.5%)72 (19.8%)
Patient >50 years and has BP>140/90 mm Hg despite prescribed antihypertensive medication†101 (81.5%)292 (80.2%)
  • *Two patients were excluded from all analyses as they had not managed to text in blood pressure readings correctly so all their data regarding blood pressure was unusable.

  • †Inclusion criteria classed as this if practices did not indicate a clear inclusion criterion or if a diagnosis of hypertension was being sought and patient did not have CKD.

  • BP, blood pressure; CKD, chronic kidney disease; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate.