Table 3

Effect of intravenous iron versus oral iron on rate of cessation of breast feeding

HR*95% CIp Value
Intravenous plus oral0.70(0.50 to 0.99)0.046
Maternal age0.76(0.63 to 0.92)0.006
Downheartedness1.23(1.00 to 1.52)0.055
Current alcohol intake1.34(0.88 to 2.03)0.18
Mode of delivery:
 LSCS1.24(0.84 to 1.82)0.29
 Forceps1.39(0.85 to 2.27)0.19
  • *The likelihood of cessation of breast feeding in the intravenous plus oral iron group was compared with that of the oral iron only group: estimated using Cox proportional hazards regression corrected for repeated-measures and adjusted for the covariates shown, expressed as hazards ratios (95% CIs; p values). Covariates included in the final multivariate model were selected by stepwise regression. The standardised normal transformation of maternal age was used ((mother's age−group mean age)/group SD of age): mean age 28.1±5.6 years. HR less than 1.00 indicates a slower rate of cessation of breastfeeding, while an HR greater than 1.00 indicates a faster rate of ceasing breastfeeding.

  • NVD, normal vaginal delivery; LSCS, lower segment caesarean section.