Table 1

Patient characteristics

Intravenous iron groupOral iron group
Number of patients6462
Vaginal delivery4546
Caesarean section1916
Median age (years)28 (range; 21–43)28.5 (range; 22–42)
Mean age (years)27.528
Median time between trial intervention and delivery (months)2.7 (range; 2.6–6)2.8 (range; 2.2–5.3)
Median time of follow-up (months)2829
Baby birth weight (g)Median 3523 (range; 1315–4920)Median 3480 (range; 1330–4928)
Median initial Hb (g/l)105108
Median Hb after intervention and prior to delivery (g/l)128118
Median Hb postdelivery (g/l)118 (range; 86–146)112 (range; 78–137)
Blood transfusion requirementNoneTwo patients
  • Hb, haemoglobin.