Table 6

Mean changes and mean differences in change for EQ-5D

Mean change from baseline (SE)Adjusted mean (95% CI) difference in change from baseline*p Value
UtilityUsual hospital careEarly assisted dischargeUsual care—early discharge
T+4 days†0.051 (0.0261)−0.005 (0.029)0.0746 (0.010 to 0.139)0.024
T+90 days‡−0.036 (0.0447)0.008 (0.039)−0.022 (−0.116 to 0.072)0.639
  • *Results from repeated measures analysis, adjusted for baseline value.

  • †Hospital care N=57, early discharge N=61.

  • ‡Hospital care N=47, early discharge N=54.