Table 3

The proportion of patients who have second or subsequent metastasectomy

SeriesFirst NSecond NMultiple (%)
Rehders 2007611321
Antunes 199931826
Garcia franco 2010521631
Garcia Franco 200922732
Chen (EJSO) 200923835
Smith 2009943335
Briccoli 20052679435
Briccoli 201032312238
Buddingh 2010562646
Sardenberg 2010773748
Gossot 2009603355
Blackmon 200923414160
Chen (EJCTS) 2008231461
Snyder 1991342882
  • This does not include staged bilateral thoracotomies which are regarded as a single intervention.

  • Reports are ranked according to the proportion having second and subsequent metastasectomy interventions. Sequential-staged operations (eg, lateral thoracotomies planned with an interval of 1–3 weeks) are considered by the authors as a single episode of treatment.