Table 2

Summary data on 15 papers reporting on series of patient undergoing a first pulmonary metastasectomy operation for sarcoma

AuthorSarcoma patients who have pulmonary metastasectomy (N)Age mean (years)Age range (years)Sex malesSex %maleMedian interval between primary and metastases (months)Range (months)Mean number of mets resectedRange
 Antunes 1999312510–542168224–1223.21–8
 Harting 20069913.9±4.267680 in 17%0–NF1–>10
 Briccoli 2010323164–5520162NFNFNF
 Chen 200823196–681565190–1085.0
 Buddingh 201056NFNF4071NF
Soft tissue
 Gadd 199378(55)*17–85NF141–152NFNF
 Smith 200994499–754750150–NF2.51–105
 Rehders 2007614218–473354210–35.01–48
 Garcia Franco 2009224113–821045185–84
 Sardenberg 20107745NF3748NF3.5
 Chen 2009235315–861252NF0–168
 Snyder 19913423NF205919<6–>2411NF
 Blackmon 2009234<50*12353VariedNFNFNF
 Gossot 20096040345718NFNFNF
 Garcia franco 201052205–743160205–189NFNF
  • *Median age.

  • NF means data were not found.