Table 1

Healthy volunteers(n=37): FEV1 (forced expiratory volume, litre during 1 s) and FEV% (FEV1×100/forced vital capacity) measured before and after 2 h exercise in filtered air and pool air, respectively. Mean±SD. Mean differences (before-after) within parentheses.

Expiratory volumeExposure in filtered airExposure in pool airDifference in changes
beforeaftermean difference  Δ-valuesbeforeaftermean difference Δ-values
  • **FEV1 significantly lower after exposure in pool air, p=0.01

  • *FEV% lower after exposure to pool air, p=0.05.

  • °Indicates no statistically significant difference.

  • Statistical significance of difference between Δ-values in filtered air and in pool air.