Table 1

Top 10 most common first and later symptoms volunteered in the interview, ranked by frequency (N=79)

First symptomN (%)Later symptomN (%)First and/or later symptomN (%)
1Fever or feverish symptoms38 (48.1)Fever or feverish symptoms (new)32 (40.5)Fever or feverish symptoms66 (83.5)
2Cough33 (41.8)Lethargic, tired or listless29 (36.7)Cough45 (57.0)
3‘Cold’ symptoms23 (29.1)Difficult or rapid breathing or shortness of breath23 (29.1)Lethargic, tired or listless44 (55.7)
4Lethargic, tired or listless20 (25.3)Pain in torso20 (25.3)Vomiting29 (36.7)
5Vomiting13 (16.5)Reduced feeding18 (22.8)Difficult or rapid breathing or shortness of breath28 (35.4)
6Reduced feeding8 (10.1)Vomiting17 (21.5)Pain in torso25 (31.6)
7‘Not himself/herself’7 (8.9)Change in skin appearance or colour*14 (17.7)‘Cold’ symptoms24 (30.4)
8Difficult or rapid breathing or shortness of breath6 (7.6)Cough (new)12 (15.2)Change in skin appearance or colour*17 (21.5)
9Irritable6 (7.6)Fever or feverish symptoms worsened7 (8.9)Other pain†9 (11.4)
10Pain in torso5 (6.3)Cough changed or worsened7 (8.9)Irritable8 (10.1)
  • *Pale, ashen, mottled, dark circles under eyes, blue or purple lips, flushed or with rash.

  • †Aching head, neck or limbs, or general aching.