Table 3

Association between maternal country of birth and psychotropic medication use at age 18, unadjusted (model 1) and adjusted (model 2) for the risk score (RS) for psychotropic medication use*

Model 1Model 2Model 1Model 2
OR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CIOR95% CI
Maternal country of birth
 High-income country1.08(0.96 to 1.21)1.01(0.90 to 1.13)1.08(0.99 to 1.19)1.03(0.94 to 1.13)
 Upper middle-income country0.94(0.80 to 1.10)0.80(0.69 to 0.94)0.74(0.64 to 0.85)0.66(0.57 to 0.76)
 Lower middle-income country0.90(0.75 to 1.07)0.78(0.66 to 0.94)0.59(0.50 to 0.70)0.53(0.45 to 0.63)
 Low-income country0.69(0.48 to 0.98)0.57(0.40 to 0.82)0.32(0.21 to 0.48)0.28(0.19 to 0.42)
Risk score (RS) for psychotropic drug use*
 First quartileReferenceReference
 Second quartile1.17(1.01 to 1.29)1.10(1.04 to 1.21)
 Third quartile1.45(1.32to 1.59)1.31(1.13 to 1.31)
 Fourth quartile2.55(2.34 to 2.77)1.81(1.81 to 2.01)
  • Values are OR and 95% CI.

  • *Variables included in the RS for psychotropic drug use: Perinatal period (Apgar score, child's birth year, maternal smoking during pregnancy, maternal age, maternal educational level, family situation); Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence (extensive hospitalisation child, psychiatric diagnosis child, extensive hospitalisation mother and psychiatric diagnosis mother).