Table 2

Maternal characteristics by country of birth classified according to World Bank Gross National Income (GNI)

Maternal characteristics during perinatal periodSwedenHICUMICLMICLIC
Geographical region of birth
 Nordic country outside Sweden79.4
 Rest of Europe14.663.427.6
 Rest of the world6.036.672.4100
Years spent in Sweden at delivery
 No information0.11.917.219.617.1
Age at delivery in years
 No information0.
Highest completed educational level in 1990
 Primary school (9 years) or less17.
 Lower secondary (12 years)54.947.732.233.624.6
 Higher education (15 years)
 No information2.
Living with child's father
 No information4.
Smoking during pregnancy
 1–9 cigarettes/day15.016.312.58.64.1
 >9 cigarettes/day9.312.
 No information7.68.711.811.211.8
Maternal characteristics until child aged 15
 Hospitalised >30 days7.
 Psychiatric diagnosis according to Patient Registry1.
 Hospitalised >30 days (A) and psychiatric diagnosis (B) combined
  (A) no and (B) no91.
  (A) yes and (B) no4.
  (A) no and (B) yes1.
  (A) yes and (B) yes2.
  • Numbers are percentages.

  • HIC, high-income country; LIC, low-income country; LMIC, lower middle-income country; UMIC, upper middle-income country.