Table 1

Child's characteristics by maternal country of birth classified according to World Bank Gross National Income (GNI). Numbers are percentages unless otherwise indicated

Number of children288 62615 905957279722435
Number of girls140 2357743465638831174
Use of psychotropic medication at age 18 (ATC code)
 Psychotropic medication unspecified (N5 + N6)
 Antipsychotics (N5A)
 Anxiolytics (N5B)
 Hypnotics and sedatives (N5C)
 Antidepressants (N6A)
 Psychostimulants (N6B)
Child's characteristics during perinatal period
 Birth year
 Apgar score
  Low Apgar score94.194.493.693.891.7
  Low Apgar score (<6) after 1 min only3.
  Low Apgar score (<6) after 1 and 5 min.
  Low Apgar score (<6) after 10 min0.
  Apgar scores missing1.
Child's characteristics until age 15
 Hospitalised >30 days2.
 Psychiatric diagnosis according to Patient Registry1.
 Hospitalised >30 days (A) and psychiatric diagnosis (B) combined
  (A) no and (B) no96.796.595.996.394.9
  (A) yes and (B) no1.
  (A) no and (B) yes1.
  (A) yes and (B) yes0.
  • HIC, high-income country; LIC, low-income country; LMIC, lower middle-income country; UMIC, upper middle-income country.