TableĀ 2

ORs and 95% CIs for the associations between bed bug infestation exposure and mental health symptoms

Unadjusted OR (95% CI)Fully adjusted OR (95% CI)*
PSQI(5)3.80 (1.10 to 13.35)5.00 (1.30 to 18.80)
GAD-72.56 (1.04 to 6.32)4.75 (1.54 to 14.70)
PHQ-91.86 (0.74 to 4.67)2.48 (0.84 to 7.30)
  • *All models were adjusted for sex and age. Generalised Anxiety Disorder 7-item scale (GAD-7) and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, 5th subscale (PHQ-9) were further adjusted for psychiatric diagnosis and number of inhabitants. GAD-7 was additionally adjusted for cockroaches in dwelling.

  • PSQI(5), Patient Health Questionnaire, 9-item.