Table 1

Characteristics and instrument scores of participants according to bed bug infestation exposure status

CharacteristicsExposed to bed bug infestation (%)N*
Age (years)
 Less than high school4117
 High school or more3860
Employment status
Legally married
Perceived sufficient means
Stressful event in last year
Psychiatric diagnosis
Medical diagnosis
Number of inhabitants†
Cockroaches in dwelling†
Anxiety symptoms (GAD-7)†
Depressive symptoms (PHQ-9)
Sleep disturbance (PSQI(5))†
  • *May not total due to missing data.

  • †These variables differed significantly for the exposure groups on Pearson χ² analysis p<0.05, two-sided test.

  • GAD-7, Generalised Anxiety Disorder 7-item scale; PHQ-9, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, 5th subscale; PSQI(5), Patient Health Questionnaire, 9-item.