Table 2

Indicators for cardiovascular risk management

Risk factor registration (std. deviation)Anti-platelet therapyInfluenza vaccinationSystolic blood pressure <140 mm HgDiastolic blood pressure <90 mm HgLow-density lipoprotein cholesterol <2.5 mmol/l
Austria80.6 (18.6)86.452.861.485.956.1
Belgium80.8 (21.2)90.789.255.985.244.8
England87.5 (16.6)9286.769.795.965.5
Finland70.1 (24.4)93.272.550.284.465.8
France81.4 (16.5)90.459.158.989.538.2
Germany80.4 (19.2)67.571.55881.330.4
The Netherlands59.8 (31.7)85.296.443.685.745.1
Slovenia77.4 (24.8)93.931.856.879.838.2
Spain58.1 (32.9)80.267.572.896.145.9
Switzerland76.8 (24.2)95.355.265.487.246.3
Total74 (26.8)8766.
  • Percentage of maximum score in risk factor registration (with standard deviation) and percentage of the patients with positive scores for the binary outcomes is shown (n=4563 patients with coronary heart disease).