Table 4

Crude and multivariate association with smoking intensity among experimental smokers

Community only† n=1289All variables‡ n=1263
VariableCrude ORAdjusted OR95% CIAdjusted OR95% CI
Individual characteristics
  Female0.931.050.84 to 1.33
  Black0.25*0.48*0.30 to 0.79
  Hispanic0.40*0.46*0.31 to 0.69
  Mixed race/other0.60*0.53*0.34 to 0.85
 Sibling smokes
  Yes1.210.980.76 to 1.26
 Friend smoking
  Some4.73*3.37*2.37 to 4.81
  Most33.62*20.27*13.22 to 31.08
 Age (for each additional year)1.37*1.32*1.21 to 1.44
 Socioeconomic status1.101.090.94 to 1.26
 Movie smoking exposure1.291.040.68 to 1.59
 Team sports participation0.36*0.38*0.26 to 0.55
 Sensation seeking12.95*6.57*3.71 to 11.64
Community characteristics
 Tobacco outlet density (per 1000 people)0.62*0.980.64 to 1.501.110.70 to 1.79
 Tobacco outlet proximity (distance in miles to nearest outlet)1.320.760.48 to 1.200.740.45 to 1.20
 Proportion population Black§0.15*0.12*0.07 to 0.220.420.18 to 1.00
 Proportion population Hispanic§0.20*0.13*0.06 to 0.320.430.14 to 1.33
 Poverty§,0.02*1.540.24 to 9.961.140.13 to 10.03
  • *p<0.05.

  • †Pseudo R2=0.02.

  • ‡Pseudo R2=0.15.

  • §For each adolescent's census tract.

  • ¶Proportion of families with income below the poverty level.