Table 3

Crude and multivariate association with ever tried smoking

Community only† n=3621All variables‡ n=3543
VariableCrude ORAdjusted OR95% CIAdjusted OR95% CI
Individual characteristics
  Female0.84*1.030.88 to 1.21
  Black0.850.850.62 to 1.18
  Hispanic1.24*1.180.88 to 1.59
  Mixed race/other1.131.080.77 to 1.50
 Sibling smokes
  Yes2.85*2.13*1.75 to 2.59
 Friend smoking
  Some3.93*2.60*2.19 to 3.10
  Most17.14*7.01*5.05 to 9.74
 Age (for each additional year)1.39*1.23*1.16 to 1.31
 Socioeconomic status0.76*0.82*0.74 to 0.91
 Movie smoking exposure5.14*2.66*1.95 to 3.63
 Team sports participation0.59*0.69*0.54 to 0.89
 Sensation seeking20.71*7.72*5.26 to 11.34
Community characteristics
 Tobacco outlet density (per 1000 people)1.30*1.280.97 to 1.701.270.92 to 1.76
 Tobacco outlet proximity (distance in miles to nearest outlet)0.860.940.69 to 1.270.960.67 to 1.36
 Proportion population Black§0.800.59*0.42 to 0.830.930.53 to 1.61
 Proportion population Hispanic§1.470.870.49 to 1.550.880.41 to 1.87
 Poverty§¶2.063.66*1.07 to 12.420.740.17 to 3.22
  • *p<0.05.

  • †Pseudo R2=0.003.

  • ‡Pseudo R2=0.20.

  • §For each adolescent's census tract.

  • ¶Proportion of families with income below the poverty level.