Table 1

Individual and community risk factors and smoking outcomes (N=3646)

VariablenProportion of sampleProportion who have tried smokingSmoking intensity scale mean
Individual descriptors
  Mixed race/other2560.070.382.37
 Sibling smokes
 Friend smoking
 Ever smoked
Median  Quartiles 1 and 3(correlation)(correlation)
 Smoking intensity (among smokers)11, 3
 Socioeconomic status0.08−0.65, 0.65−0.120.01
 Movie smoking exposure558285, 8830.210.05
 Team sports participation10, 2−0.08−0.16
 Sensation seeking1210, 140.310.27
Community descriptors
 Tobacco outlet density (per 1000 people)0.340.03, 1.120.03−0.07
 Distance (mi) to nearest outlet0.590.29, 1.190.0010.03
 Proportion population Black*0.030.01, 0.21−0.03−0.19
 Proportion population Hispanic*0.030.01, 0.090.02−0.10
 Poverty*†0.060.03, 0.110.02−0.12
  • *For each adolescent's census tract.

  • †Proportion of families with income below the poverty level.