Table 5

Factors related to posting of study results on for US-based Phase II, II or IV industry sponsored studies*

p valueAdjusted OR95% CI
Sexes of subjects included
 Females onlyReference
 Males only0.21.40.8 to 2.5
 Females and males0.91.00.7 to 1.4
Age groups included
 Adults and children0.11.20.9 to 1.6
 Children only<0.0012.92.1 to 4.0
Year trial completed
 2008<0.0011.51.1 to 2.0
 20090.71.10.8 to 1.5
 2010<0.0010.60.4 to 0.9
Study phase
 Phase IIReference
 Phase III<0.0013.42.8 to 4.1
 Phase IV<0.0016.04.6 to 7.2
  • *Analysis set limited to industry-sponsored, US-based, intervention studies at Phase II or beyond for which the study completion date listed on fell between 28 September 2007 and 23 June 2010, inclusive. The final model included the following covariates: gender of subjects; age group of subjects; year of study completion; and study phase.