Table 6

Vaccine efficacy against overall mortality in randomised trials of an early two-dose measles vaccination schedule compared with the standard dose of measles vaccination at 9 months of age

Country and periodAge intervalComparison (vaccines)Administration of DTPDeaths/person-years or personsMortality rate ratio (95% CI)Comments
Sudan87 1989–19925–9 monthsMV vs control (Meningococcal A + C)DTP not given simultaneous with MV but could have been given after MV1/60.5 vs 6/61.20.18 (0.02–1.54)1st vaccine in 2-dose group was Connaught HTMV and 2nd dose was Schwarz standard MV
9–36 months2nd vs 1st MV7/371.6 vs 7/355.90.96 (0.34–2.73)
5–36 months0.60 (0.25–1.45)*
Guinea-Bissau88 2003–20094.5–9 monthsMV vs control (no vaccine)DTP not given simultaneous with MV and after MV; all had DTP3 1 month before enrolment5/398.8 vs 29/821.80.33 (0.13–0.86)Vitamin A supplementation (VAS) at birth is not official policy. Hence, only results for children who did not receive VAS are presented*
9–36 months2nd vs 1st MV20/2054.4 vs 67/3881.10.56 (0.34–0.93)
4.5–36 months0.50 (0.32–0.78)*
  • Source: All studies reporting mortality in trials of two doses of measles vaccine (MV).30 ,53 ,54 Only the per-protocol results have been used comparing children who received two doses of MV with those receiving one dose at 9 months. No additional studies of early two-dose measles vaccination reporting impact on mortality were found by PubMed searches.

  • * The combined estimate (Stata) was 0.52 (0.35–0.77); if the children receiving vitamin A at birth were also included, the combined estimate was 0.69 (0.52–0.91).

  • DPT, diphtheria–pertussis–tetanus.