Table 3

Measles case death ratio for measles-vaccinated and measles-unvaccinated cases in African prospective community studies and community surveys with long-term follow-up

CountryPeriodStudy; period of follow-upVaccinated cases, % (deaths/persons)Unvaccinated cases, % (deaths/persons)Mortality ratio (95% CI)
Guinea-Bissau44 *1988PCS; 5-year follow-up4 (1/23)16 (8/46)0.25 (0.03–1.88)
Guinea-Bissau341984–1987PCS; 2-year follow-up0 (0/4)14 (2/14)0 (0–20.10)
Burundi45 1988–1989SUR; 7-month follow-up3/1363 person-months19/2629 person-months0.30 (0.09–1.03)
Senegal361987–1994PCS; 1-year follow-up0 (0/127)1 (15/1055)0 (0–2.32)
Bissau (unpublished)1991–1994PCS; 3-year follow-up3 (8/319)9 (29/338)0.29 (0.14–0.63)
Total0.27 (0.14–0.50)
  • Sources: Reviews of measles case death studies27–31 and PubMed search for measles mortality/case death in vaccinated children; compiled by Henning Andersen shortly before he died.

  • * There were no data on acute case death in the present study since the study only included children who had a convalescent sample collected.

  • This study did not report the acute case death but only overall mortality for the 7 months of follow-up.

  • PCS, prospective community studies; SUR, community surveys or outbreak investigations.