Table 1

Direct evidence of random-effects meta-analyses

AnalysisFigureOutcomeRR95% CIp ValueI2
Oral ondansetron versus placebo of vomiting1.451.201.74<0.00161% of vomiting—excluding Yilmaz et al171.331.191.49<0.0010% with immediate IVT during the ED0.410.290.59<0.0010% with IVT up to 72 h (best–worst)0.570.420.76<0.0010% with IVT up to 72 h (worst–best)0.530.390.72<0.0010% admitted during the ED0.430.181.000.0517% admitted up to 72 h (best–worst)0.600.341.040.0749% admitted up to 72 h (worst–best)0.730.431.230.240%
 4.16Revisit rate1.240.493.150.6628%
Intravenous ondansetron versus placebo of vomiting2.271.054.940.0476%
  • ED, emergency department; IVT, intravenous rehydration therapy.