Table 2

The process measures and treatments recorded prospectively to describe the rehabilitation received during the intervention period

StageProcessData recorded by
One: post-ICU discharge
  • Visits by ICU clinical staff

  • Provision of rehabilitation manual by research team

Research nurse from medical notes
Two: ward-based rehabilitationDocumented for each week (or part week) in the acute hospital
  • Number of visits (and content) by physiotherapy staff, occupational therapy, SLT, dietetic and other non-parent specialty staff

  • Number of visits by GRA (intervention group only)

  • Total numbers of therapy sessions in physiotherapy, dietetic, occupational health, SLT and other relevant categories

  • Patient-centred goals documented

Research nurse from medical notes
Three: hospital discharge
  • Number patient discharged to rehabilitation facility

  • For patients discharged to home/community:

  • Proportion of patients receiving home visit occurred

  • Proportion of patients with letter to general practitioner specifically documenting rehabilitation issues

Research nurse from medical notes
Four: post-hospital discharge to 3-month outcome measure
  • Total contacts with GRA during post-hospital discharge period

  • Contact with healthcare services

Research nurse at 3 months assessment
  • GRA, generic rehabilitation assistant; ICU, intensive care unit.