Table 1

Descriptive data of patients and healthy controls

Patients (n=162)Controls (n=85)Test valuep Value
Age, mean (SD) in years44 (9)45 (9)t=0.50.595
Sex (% male)36%51%χ2=4.60.032
BMI, mean (SD) in kg/m224.3 (3.0)23.5 (2.4)t=−2.20.031
WHR, mean (SD)0.87 (0.1)0.87 (0.1)t=1.00.324
Antidepressant use27%N/A
Depression diagnosis77%N/A
Anxiety diagnosis75%N/A
Burnout score (SMBQ)χ2=165.8<0.001
HAD depression scoreχ2=95.9<0.001
HAD anxiety scoreχ2=137.5<0.001
  • BMI, body mass index; WHR, waist-hip ratio; SMBQ, Shirom-Melamed Burnout Questionnaire; HAD, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale.