Table 2

Model assumptions and sources for the costs and utilities

CategoryAssumptionMean valueSensitivity analysis distributionNotes
Intervention costs*Advocate salaries and travel costs£24 5180.9 fte including employer National Insurance contribution and management costs from IRIS.
Clinical staff time and travel to lead training sessions£3766From IRIS
Administration costs£1401From IRIS
Practice reimbursement£9413From IRIS
Total cost for the intervention£39 097Lognormal (0.1)From IRIS
Number of women intervention costs divided by70 521Lognormal (0.1)From IRIS
Cost per woman registered£0.55From IRIS
Onward referral£823Lognormal (0.75)A one-time cost for women entering the advocacy state from abuse unidentified from IRIS + Sullivan et al24
State costsNo abuse£102Lognormal (0.25)Walby23 Distribution is an assumption.
Abuse unidentified£4721Lognormal (0.25)Walby23 Distribution is an assumption.
Identified existing victim£4721Lognormal (0.50)Walby23 Distribution is an assumption.
Advocacy£4721Lognormal (0.75)Walby23 Distribution is an assumption.
UtilitiesNo abuse0.85β (0.00181)Kind et al25
Abuse unidentified0.63β (0.01588)Wittenberg et al26
Identified existing victim0.63β (0.01588)Wittenberg et al26
Advocate0.65β (0.01525)Wittenberg et al26
  • * Costs are in 2008 UK pounds.

  • IRIS, Identification and Referral to Improve Safety.