Table 4

Full clinical implementer responses

EMR systemOpenMRSDREAM–Sant EgidioGHISiSantéWorldVistaOSCAR
EMR design
 Designed for what level of care/specialty carePrimary careHIV/AIDSHIV/AIDS and primary careHIV/AIDSPrimary carePrimary care
 LanguagesEng, SpPort, Ital, Eng, FrEngFr, EngEngEng, Fr, Sp
Patient registration
 Form-based data entry for patient registrationXXXXX
 Auto generate unique patient IDXXXXXX
Patient arrival/flow
 Able to search/retrieve info on various criteria?XXXXX
 Office visit scheduling system?XXXXXX
 Retrieve records and mark ‘arrived’ on f/u?XXXXX
Vital signs
 Enter and retrieve ALL vitals?XXXXXX
 Form-based templates?XXXXXX
 Coded data entered in templates?XXXXX
 PMH, FH, Smoking, and ETOH coded as variables?XX, but not editable on follow-up visitsX, but difficult to edit on follow-up visitsX
Procedure notes
 Template-based provider procedure notes?XXBoilerplate text notes
Problem list
 List based on ICD-9 or ICD-10?XXXXXX
 List in local language?XXXXEnglish but ability to load ICDs in other language
 Short pick list AND comprehensive list?XXXOnly short pick list, not comprehensiveXX
MED list and RX
 Allows for allergy AND drug interaction check?XX
 List updated to Rx availability?XXXX
 Rx sent to on-site pharmacy?XXXX
 Track inventory in pharmacy?XXX
 Option to print Rx?XXX, also with bar code
Flow sheets and remainders
 Customised info retrieval flow sheets for common dx?XXXX
 Health maintenance remainder?XXXXX
Labs and results
 Print labs request?XXXXX
 Electronic labs request?XXXXX
 Manual entry of results?XXXXXX
Imaging and results
 Print imaging requests?XXXX
 Manual entry of results?XXXXXX
 Reports of pt. demographics?XXXXXX
 Reports of dx or ICD code?XXXXXX
 Meds Rx report?XXXXX
 Quality report cards?XXXX
  • –, No, not present; EMR, electronic medical record; Eng, English; Fr, French; ICD, International Classification of Disease; Ital, Italian; Port, Portuguese; Sp, Spanish; X, Yes, present.