Table 2

Excluded products

ProductReason for exclusion
Mosoriot Medical Record SystemSubsequently renamed AMRS
AMRS7Paper-based entry with retrospective electronic entry
PCHR (Primary Care Health Records)21Developer did not respond
Careware®22Not currently being developed
PIH-EMR: Partners in Health23Internet based
HIV-EMR: Partners in Health24Internet based
SmartCare ( for use by partner organisations
ESOPE (from Ensemble pour une solidarité thérapeutique hospitalière en réseau, ESTHER)Relational database, not an EMR
SICLOM14Drug management system
PatientOS25Open source, for profit, proprietary
Tolven26Internet based
Fuchia (Follow-Up of Clinical HIV Infection and AIDS)14Not currently being developed
Baobab Health/Malawi EMR4Proprietary for use in Malawi only
  • EMR, electronic medical record.