Table 3

Association between CFWShop presence and receipt of treatment for acute illness

VariablesReceived any treatmentReceived treatment for feverReceived treatment for malariaReceived CFW-stocked treatmentReceived diarrhoea treatment
CFWShop (SE)0.142*** (0.0348)0.117*** (0.0434)0.0768* (0.0408)0.0642** (0.0263)0.0678 (0.0551)
p Value<0.0010.0070.0610.0150.219
Dependent variable mean0.3640.4060.2250.08880.502
  • Robust SEs in parentheses (***p<0.01, **p<0.05, *p<0.1). SEs are clustered at the household cluster level categorised by Demographic and Health Survey. All specifications include controls for age (as fixed effects) and gender of the child as well as wealth and education of the mother. Controls also include a dummy for whether the household is located in an urban area, a dummy variable for each district and region of the sample, the type of the nearest CFWShop outlet (if within 30 km catchment area) and its age.