Table 5

Correlation of NORPEQ scores with patient perceptions of satisfaction, incorrect treatment, expectations, health and outcomes

FinlandNorwayNational NorwaySwedenFaroe Islands
General satisfaction0.77**0.74**0.72**0.73**0.73**
Incorrect treatment−0.35**−0.39**−0.39**−0.24**−0.31**
Expectations: treatment and care0.53**0.51**0.57** 0.58**
Expectations: outcomes0.30**0.32**0.37**0.38**
General health−0.09−0.19**−0.24**−0.24**
General health compared with before admission0.22*0.27**
Physical health compared with before admission0.27**0.22**
  • Statistical significance:*p<0.05; ** p<0.01.

  • These results were reported in a previous article.13

  • This question has a slightly more general wording in the national Norwegian survey than in the other pilots.26

  • NORPEQ, Nordic Patient Experiences Questionnaire.