Table 3

Additional covariates adjusted for in the conditional logistic regression analysis

CharacteristicExposed (479), mean (±SD)Unexposed (958), mean (±SD)p Value
Adherence to ICS therapy (PDC)0.47 (0.27)0.51 (0.28)0.0146*
Average no. of short-acting β agonist prescriptions per subject2.74 (2.10)3.49 (2.85)<0.0001*
No. of asthma office and laboratory visits 6 months prior the index date0.21 (0.64)0.24 (0.65)0.5031
No. of asthma hospitalisation events 6 months prior the index date0.03 (0.19)0.05 (0.24)0.1002
No. of asthma ER events 6 months prior the index date0.02 (0.14)0.06 (0.29)0.0063*
  • *p<0.05.

  • ICS, inhaled corticosteroids; PDC, proportion of days covered.