Table 1

Early and late mortality in the PARTNER trial

High-risk operable patientsInoperable patients
Pivotal trialCont. accessCombined*
TAVIAVRp ValueTAVIStand.p ValueTAVIStand.TAVIStand.
30-day mortality3.4%6.5%0.075.0%2.8%0.419.8%2.1%5.9%2.7%
1-year mortality24.2%26.8%0.4430.7%50.7%<0.00134.3%21.6%31.4%43.7%
  • Sources: high-risk operable patients: Smith et al2; inoperable patients: pivotal trial: Leon et al1; Continued Access: FDA.4

  • * The weights are based on the number of participants in the pivotal and Continued Access trials.

  • Uncertainty surrounding mortality is modelled with β distributions with the same mean. The α parameter of these distributions equals the number of events in the PARTNER randomised controlled trial. For example: 5% mortality on a total of 179 patients is reflected with a β distribution with the α parameter being 9 (ie, 5% of 179=9 patients) and the β parameter being 170 (ie, 179−9).

  • AVR, aortic valve replacement; Cont., continued; Stand., standard therapy; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.