Table 1

Baseline characteristics for all participants and according to walking speed

Faster walking speed group (n=15)Slower walking speed group (n=14)All participants (n=29)
Mean walking speed (km/h)4.6±0.24.1±0.24.4±0.3
Walking speed range (km/h)4.2–5.03.8–4.53.8–5.0
Number of steps/h6309±5825547±4375941±639
Total walking time (hours)62±368±365±4
Total walking distance (km)284±7278±11281±10
Male subjects8 (53%)7 (50%)15 (52%)
Age (years)60.9±3.558.1±6.659.5±5.3
Current smoking3 (20%)2 (14%)5 (17%)
Systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)148±18138±18143±19
Diastolic blood pressure (mm Hg)87±1081±984±10
Heart rate (beats/minute)69±1063±1066±11
BMI (kg/m2)24.2±2.227.0±2.725.5±2.8
Waist circumference (cm)88±1092±1190±10
Glucose (mmol/l)5.2±0.65.2±0.45.2±0.5
Total cholesterol (mmol/l)5.3±0.75.6±0.85.5±0.8
LDL cholesterol (mmol/l)3.4±0.53.7±0.83.5±0.7
HDL cholesterol (mmol/l)1.45±0.391.24±0.361.35±0.38
Triglycerides (mmol/l)1.1±0.51.5±0.91.3±0.8
Total cholesterol:HDL-c ratio3.8±1.05.0±2.14.4±1.7
LDL-c:HDL-c ratio2.5±0.73.3±1.52.9±1.2
  • Baseline characteristics are shown according to walking speed and for all participants together. In order to avoid predominantly male subjects in the faster walking speed group, the faster walking speed group is gender pooled and consists of the eight men and seven women with a walking speed higher than the median speed for their gender.

  • BMI, body mass index; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; LDL-c, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol; HDL, high-density lipoprotein.