Table 1

Baseline characteristics of participants assigned to the comparison and control groups, and group difference determined by a one-way analysis of variance (95% CI)

CharacteristicComparison group, mean (SD) (n=27)Control group, mean (SD) (n=28)F or χ2(P) df=1,53
Age (years)83.15 (7.38)82.07 (6.94)F =0.310.58
Gender18 F, 9 M18 F, 10 Mχ2 =0.30.86
Education (school leaving age)15.26 (1.83)15.29 (1.63)F =0.0030.96
Type of residenceH 22, R 5H 22, R 6χ2 =0.330.57
Self-reported arthritis3.37 (0.97)3.32 (1.06)F =0.030.86
  • df, degrees of freedom; F, female; H, own home; M, male; R, other residence.