Table 2

Medical history of the study population by long-acting bronchodilator

Tiotropium, n=4767LABA*, n=6073
Prior respiratory diagnosis
 COPD and asthma180738336655
 COPD only245051196032
Use of respiratory medications
 Short-acting anticholinergics194841237239
 Short-acting β-agonists337271505383
 Inhaled corticosteroids190440361059
 Oral corticosteroids139629222737
Use of oxygen18741753
Use of cardiac medications
 ACE inhibitors116224138023
 Lipid regulators141330150925
History of ischaemic heart disease23353195
History of arrhythmia13931653
History of hypertension178537220236
History of diabetes4561059110
Use of spirometry (at least once)422589509384
Number of general practitioner visits
Number of hospital admissions
  • * Single-ingredient formulations.

  • 365 days prior to index date.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; N, number; LABA, long-acting β-agonists.