Table 1

Characteristics of the women participating in qualitative interviews (n=40)

CharacteristicBefore the FEST intervention (n=13)Proactive FEST calls (n=13)Control group: woman-initiated calls only (n=11)Eligible for randomisation but declined (n=3)
 Multiparous—previously breast fed3331
 Multiparous—never breast fed3210
Maternal age
 25 years or younger2350
 26 years or older111063
Type of birth
 Spontaneous vaginal delivery8532
 Forceps or ventouse1240
 Emergency caesarean section3511
 Elective caesarean section1130
Baby admitted to neonatal unit2310
Feeding method in 24 h prior to hospital discharge*
 Any breast milk813112
 Any formula milk4542
 Not known2000
Feeding method in the previous 24 h at 6–8 weeks
 Breast milk only141
 Breast and formula milk232
 Formula milk only046
 Not known10223
Formula milk ever since birth288
  • * Some babies received breast and formula.

  • Outcome data collection methods are described separately.7

  • FEST, FEeding Support Team.