Table 2

Demographic characteristics of patients at the time of inclusion

Age (yrs)70.8±7.575.2±7.1<0.001
Gender (M:F)50:64134:66<0.001
Education (yrs)11.5±3.015.8±2.9<0.001
Modified MMSE22.4±1.722.5±1.50.642
WMS-R LM1.8±1.84.0±2.7<0.001
  • Values are mean±SD. The Modified MMSE represents the sum of total scores except for different subscores in both studies (maximum 25). WMS-R LM is taken as the score for the Logical Memory II part A (maximum 25).

  • ADNI, Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative; GDS, Geriatric Depression Scale; MMSE, Mini-Mental Status Examination; SEAD-J, Studies on Diagnosis of Early Alzheimer's Disease—Japan; WMS-R LM, Logical Memory subset of the Wechsler Memory Scale Revised.