Table 3

Type and sources of innovation knowledge used in the technology adoption process per trust

Types of innovation knowledgeAwareness knowledge: identify technologies available to specific IPC priority areas and information about the nature of these technologiesPrinciples knowledge: why and how a technology works in terms of the underlying scientific principles or theory‘How-to’ knowledge: how to put the technology in use, including issues of compatibility with trust structures/strategy/culture and issues of sustainability
Sources of innovation knowledge
Professional networks/other NHS trustsn=11n=7n=10
Peer review journalsn=2n=12
Hospitals outside UKn=1
Commercial suppliern=6n=12n=11
Previous experience of other technologiesn=5
Previous experience of same/similar technologyn=6n=6
Showcase Hospitals Programmen=7n=8
Rapid Review Panel (RRP1)n=7n=1
Expert advicen=7n=4
Own research/evaluation trialn=2n=3
DH dissemination—conferences, websitesn=5n=1
  • n, number of trusts (out of a total population of 12 trusts studied).