Table 2

The stage when ‘how-to’ knowledge was first considered in the process and associated outcome

InitiationAdoption decisionImplementation
Infection Manager Software (T6)→Successful adoption and implementationSmart flat infection control computer keyboard and mouse (T8)→Technology modification and subsequent successful implementationHydrogen Peroxide Vapour System (T9)→Incomplete implementation
Urinary Catheter Care Bundle (T1)→Successful adoption and implementationHydrogen Peroxide Vapour System (T7)→Implementation trial informed disinvestmentUltrasonic cleaning tanks (T5)→Discontinued adoption of the technology
Endoscopy sinks (T2)→Successful adoption and implementationOzone Sanitizer Machines (T9)→Successful adoption and implementation in one of the two hospital sites/not implemented in second siteATP Hygiene Monitoring System (T9)→Discontinued adoption of the technology
Real-time PCR for Norovirus testing (T2)→Successful adoption and implementationAntiseptic Body Cleaning Washcloths 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (T10, T11) →Implementation trial informed disinvestment (T10)/‘controlled and focused’ use (T11)Ultraviolet (UV) light air sterilisation units (T4)→Discontinued adoption of the technology
Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour System (T12)→Successful adoption and implementationInfection control IT surveillance system (T3)→Delayed adoption and very delayed/incomplete implementationFaecal management system (T10)→Discontinued adoption of the technology
ATP Hygiene Monitoring System (T11, T12)→Successful adoption and implementationHydrogen Peroxide Vapour System (T6)→Successful adoption and implementationATP Hygiene Monitoring System (T4)→Incomplete implementation
Microbiology testing: mass spectrometry analysis machine (T5) →Successful adoption and implementationATP Hygiene Monitoring System (T5, T10)→Evaluation trial informed procurement and successful trust-wide implementationNon-chlorine disinfectant (T10)→ Discontinued adoption of the technology
Digital Count up posters/boards (T8)→Successful adoption and implementationHand signage (T2)→Successful adoption and implementationPCR for MRSA testing (T2)→ Delayed implementation
Portable PC Tablets (T6, T8)→Successful adoption and implementationChlorhexidine Gluconate dressing (disk) to prevent Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections (T4)→Incomplete implementation
Individual Patients MRSA Decolonisation Pack (T11)→Successful adoption and implementationUV light inspection units (T11)→Discontinued adoption of the technology
Single use disposable Blood Pressure Cuffs and Pulse Oximeter Probes (T7)→Successful adoption and implementation
UV light hand inspection kit (T12)→Successful adoption and implementation
  • NB, Four technologies are excluded in the table as there were no clear outcomes within the time frame of the study.

  • MRSA, meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.