Table 1

Case study sites characteristics

TrustTrust typeNumber of bedsPopulation covered (m)Financial turnover (m)Number of sitesDIPC professionNumber of technologies adopted
T1S, PFI12690.75£400MultisiteMedical doctor1
T2S, F, PFI7540.34£156MultisiteMedical doctor6
T3T, U19021 (S), 3 (T)£652MultisiteMedical doctor1
T4T, U, (PFI)9880.5 (S), 1.5 m (T)£420MultisiteMedical doctor3
T5T, U, F, (PFI)20680.5 (S), 1.7 (T)£648MultisiteMedical doctor3
T6S, PFI10950.6£430MultisiteMedical doctor2
T7S, F, (PFI)6020.35£200One siteMedical doctor4
T8*T, U, F8070.33 (S), 1.5 (T)£250One siteNurse3
T9T, F, (PFI), U11500.12 (S), 1 m (T)£440MultisiteNurse3
T10S, (U)9740.6£415MultisiteMedical doctor4
T11*T, U, F8020.3 (S), 1.5 (T)£400MultisiteNurse3
T12*P/I76 (I)0.43£202 (P), £744 (S)MultisiteNurse5
  • * Each of these trusts received £50K as the award was split across the health economy by the respective Strategic Health Authority, while the remainder trusts each received £150K.

  • DIPC, Director of Infection Prevention and Control; F, foundation; I, intermediate care; P, primary; PFI, private finance initiative; S, secondary; T, tertiary; U, university.