Table 2

Principal components orthogonally rotated varimax factor matrix to the normalised Kaiser criterion*

1 Social responsibility2 Innovation3 Self-management4 Task management5 Justice orientation
Succession planning/recruiting0.636 TM
Personnel decision quality0.578 TM
Maintaining safety0.480 TM
Enhancing task knowledge0.401 TM
Eliminating barriers0.457 TM
Strategic task management0.540 TM
Communication with community
Providing a good example0.511 SR
Knowledge of organisation justice0.546 SR
Legal regulations0.674 SR
Open-door policy0.677 SR
Explaining decisions respect0.698 SR
Servant leadership0.563 SR
Distributing rewards fairly0.434 SR
Responsibility for others0.486 SR
Honesty and integrity0.810 SR
Being accountable0.806 SR
Goal orientation0.544 SM
Taking initiatives0.515 SM
Effort: achieve goals0.576 SM
Persistence: despite challenges0.516 SM
Self-control0.484 SM
Stress tolerance0.530 SM
Adaptability0.651 SM
Self-reliance0.623 SM
Continuous learning0.431 SM
Seeking feedback0.506 SM
Communicating with coworkers0.511 LO
Active listening0.658 LO
Facilitating discussion0.494 LO
Developing and building teams0.498 LO
Psychological knowledge0.593 LO
Social perceptiveness0.649 LO
Setting goals for others0.568 LO
Knowing principles of learning0.565 LO
Assessing others0.495 LO0.567 LO
Coaching, development, instruction0.546 LO0.405 LO
Cooperating0.603 LO
Empowerment0.425 LO
Political savvy0.596 LO
Critical thinking0.521 IN
Creative problem solving0.473 LO0.529 IN
Identifying problems0.509 IN
Openness to ideas0.654 IN
Collaborating0.542 IN0.418 IN
Perceiving systems0.643 IN
Evaluating consequences0.616 IN
Visioning0.657 IN
Managing the future0.720 IN
Sensitivity to situations0.664 IN
Challenging the status quo0.437 IN0.499 IN
Intelligent risk taking0.642 IN
Reinforcing change0.537 IN
% Of variance16.6315.357.096.925.19
Cronbach's α0.930.930.840.720.93
  • * Extraction method: principal component analysis. Rotation method: varimax with Kaiser normalisation; rotation converged in 12 iterations.

  • SR, social responsibility; LO, Leading others; SM, Self-management; IN, innovation; TM, Task management.