Table 1

General needs and problems among cancer patients

Psychological level
  • Fear of death or recurrence

  • Guilt feelings about being sick

  • Anger at general practitioner or ‘system’ for not having taken action soon enough

  • Troubles adjusting to new self-image

  • Sense of being left in limbo after discharge from the hospital

  • Risk of developing depression

  • Reconsiderations about priorities in life and how one wants to live life with or after a cancer disease

  • Sexual problems

Social level
  • Concerns about the well-being of spouse, children and other relatives

  • Changed body image or sexuality

  • Changed position/status in marriage, in family, at work, etc

  • Concerns about possible infertility caused by treatment

  • Information about patient associations and similar groups for patients and relatives

Physical level
  • Physical capacity according to daily activities, need for special facilities, home care, conversions of the home, etc

  • Need for dietary advice, for example, to prevent undue weight loss

  • Support in order to accept physical changes and late complications like tiredness, amputation, infertility, pain, etc

Work-related level
  • Concerns about losing one's job

  • Concerns about having to give up one's former responsibilities or change field of work due to reduced ability to work

  • Opportunities for financial support during sick-leave, flexible job, etc

  • Support to keep in contact with workplace during sick-leave

Financial level
  • Social rights like mileage allowances, reimbursement of assistive technology, etc

  • Concerns about a decrease in income and consequences hereof in relation to housing, spouse, children, etc

  • Conditions regarding pension or incapacity benefit